Tuesday, May 24

In Five Days...

...I will be making last preparations to move to Turkey.

Maybe, I will have a fitful nights sleep (no matter how tired I will be from the past several days of seeing people, dining with friends and family, hanging out, and making sure things are in order to move).  Maybe, I will wake up really early Sunday morning, it will probably be humid outside (because that's just my luck), so my hair will be a mess for our last Sunday at church.  Maybe, the dress I have picked out to wear on Sunday which is currently in the "don't-touch-because-these-clothes-are-not-ready-to-be-packed-just-yet" pile will likely be moved, or I will have misplaced it in a fit of frazzled-ness.  Maybe, it will be raining on the way to church, and I'll freak out a little because I hate flying, and it'll be stormy when we fly out later on in the day - and then be an anxious wreck.  Maybe, church will be droopy and sad since it's our last Sunday and we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our church and everyone there.  Maybe, during church, I will be so distracted about thinking of all the things we MAY have forgotten, that I'll miss Mitch's wonderful series and the wonderful hymns we'll sing.  Maybe, at lunch, we'll have a really terrible server and it takes forever to get our drinks, and food, and then we don't leave in time for us to do the last-minute things we need before we have to load up our things and go to the airport.  Maybe, everything that could go wrong will go wrong.  Or...

Maybe, everything will be fine.  We'll have a great 5 days spent with friends and family.  Maybe, nothing else will really be a big deal, because so far we've been fine, and we'll have to trust that it continues to be fine.  Chapter "next" is about to begin and we will be excited, nervous, anxious, nostalgic, and humbled.

Bring it, Turkey.  We're as ready as we'll ever be!

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