Sunday, May 1

I'm sick to my stomach...

Bin Laden is dead.  The news broke a couple hours ago and I have been watching the news reports as they have been streaming into the stations, videos on repeat, reporters rejoicing...

Every time I refreshed my facebook page, there were five more people who had something to add to the rhetoric that has been circulating the internet since the news broke.  People are rejoicing, people are happy, praising God that this man is dead, relishing in the knowledge that justice has prevailed...

And I'm sick.  I'm absolutely disgusted.

Bin Laden did terrible things.  There is no fiber of my being that thinks he made good choices with his life. I do not condone the things that were done or the things that will be done.

But I'm sick.  And I am absolutely disgusted by the rhetoric that people are using.

As a Christian, as one who has faith and hope in the sovereignty of God - HOW can I rejoice in the death of any individual?  He was loved by God, just like I am.  How is his death any different?  Because he killed a lot of people?  Because people took it upon themselves to join a cause fighting the antithesis of the ideology of Bin Laden and they happened to be "our people"?

How is rejoicing in the death of someone a good thing?  How is this different from those of Westboro Baptist, who go and protest soldiers' funerals?  Because Bin Laden was bad?  We're all bad - just go read facebook from the past two hours.  People are celebrating because someone was killed.  People are celebrating because someone was killed.  People are celebrating because someone was killed.

And it's the most disgusting thing I have ever witnessed.  Someone posed the idea:

Would you wash the feet of Bin Laden as Christ did for you?  

Because this is what we're called, as Christians, to be.  We are to be Jesus to everyone.  Everyone always says this, it's a nice little thing to say...pretty, nice, dainty even... If I had to wager a guess as to whether or not people actually buy in to this by the gross display that was facebook's newsfeed tonight, I'd have to say that we're full of...well, a word I typically try not to say.

Grace is for all.  For all.  Christ died for all.  Not: everyone, except those that I don't think deserve it, or could ever deserve it because I said so...

For all.

God be with our nation.


  1. I completely agree with what you're saying, but I generally think that people are celebrating not because someone died, but because some sort of justice was brought to everyone who lost their lives because of him, directly or indirectly. As I said, I agree--we shouldn't celebrate the death of any human being. And yes, people should be careful of what they say. It has just been such a deeply emotional decade, such an emotional war, that it's hard for people to not be happy that the man who caused it all no longer exists.

  2. No, not God be with our nation.

    Our nation is sick.

    God bless everybody.

    Thanks for your post.

  3. I am surprised at the real joy I feel that Osama is dead.Do you feel safer now?His death was needful to stop the violence he started.You can thank the brave people who face this evil that would destroy you and your family.Osama would laugh at your Bible and cut you up. I bet you don't know anyone killed on Sept 11 or the pain and fear Osama created.Hell was also created by God and I am sure Osama has a special place there.