Sunday, November 21

Shut the world out? No, thanks.

My hubby is blogging everyday, and it makes me want to blog again.  Now, he's been blogging everyday for over a month and I am writing ONE blog post - I'm not too inspired, but it's baby steps.  I came across an amazing music video the other day by a fairly popular artist.  It was beautifully and creatively executed - so I went to iTunes (of course), and looked at other songs on the album.  Now, it IS a Christian artist - I only divulge this information because it is crucial to what my actual blog is about.

Digression: I don't usually seek out "Christian" music because, to be honest, I'm a little bitter about what the general public think of when they think "Christian" and I don't want to be lumped in to the mediocre general population of the majority of North America.  That being said, "No, I don't have another word to use.  No, I don't have a better way of describing myself easily.  No, I'm not ashamed of being a Christian (for all those who are judging me right now).  No, no, no."  Take what you want from this rant.  The end.

Continuation: On iTunes, you can look at what different people have to say, comments, feedback, etc. about the album that you are pondering purchasing.  Now, the first comment on there said a little of this and a little of that...but then, it said this about the music of the album:

"It brings the kingdom in and shuts the world out"

...hmmm, I guess there are different ways to take this.

1) It brings the kingdom in (like good feelings while listening?) and shut the world out (the noises of the workplace/home/car/etc. of wherever you are?)

2) It brings the kingdom in (heaven/future?) and shuts the world out (like, the present?)

3) It brings the kingdom in (God's metaphysical reign on earth?) and shuts the world out (again, like, the present?)

4) It brings the kingdom in (Christian bubble-ness?) and shuts the world out (exclusion of everyone who isn't in the Christian bubble?)

And to be honest, with the unfortunate events of my personal life and job in the past day - I interpreted this statement as #4.  Now, if you are not able to sense the progression of sarcasm in that list, I am being a little snarky now (fyi).  Is the goal of the average Christian to look forward to those experiences and moments where we feel super Christian-y resulting in everyone different than you being shut out entirely -- and this being something great?

Maybe I'm not being clear enough - the snarky getting in the way?

What I'm trying to say is this: The point of living this life is not to constantly surround oneself with the things one is familiar with and the things that are similar to one.  (And I know a lot of the blogs I have written are religiously tainted, but I'm a religious studies major, it's what I tend to notice - and have much to say/critique).  Is the goal in life to never be challenged?  As a Christian, the reason I don't want myself lumped in to the general population is that I want something different than what Christianity has been known for/seen as for the past half-decade.  And you know what I'm talking about - so don't get defensive.

People need to realize that we live on a huge planet - literally- with billions of other people - all different, in every way.  All of these people have things to offer each other.  I'm sure there is something I can recognize for myself that someone across the world is doing or finding value in that is different from what I am.  This is not a threat to who I am or what I stand for - it's a recognition that I am imperfect and regardless of what I tend to think (as a selfish person), I can learn from and appreciate other people in both our similarities and differences.

This is scary?  Yeah.  This requires me to forget about my self and try new things? Yeah.  This is a threat to who I am? No.

Taking something I learned from my Hubby, I charge whoever stumbles across this post (sorry, unfortunate souls), with this:

Find something outside of your 'bubble" worth your while.  Something worth your time and energy.  Something worth your respect and consideration.  Or Someone - go a step further and find someone "other" than you and begin a relationship that will rock your world.

It'll be fun.


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