Friday, January 29

Day 2 of "Snow-pocalypse" 2010

Today, I baked.

I have been wanting to bake bread from scratch for a very long time.  However, the time that it actually takes to make the bread has always been the inhibiting factor.  I have not had 3-4 consecutive hours that I could sit at home and bake bread without having to go somewhere or NOT stay up until 2 in the morning baking bread.  So, on the second snow day, I decided that I would try and find the ingredients in my cabinets to make something...ANYTHING, and MUCH to my surprise, I had all the ingredients to make a White Bread.  So, I called my mom and she emailed me the recipe that she uses and I basically, after much hesitation and even more encouragement from others, went to town on my bread!  (Now, I'm excited because I don't actually now how it's going to turn out because I am writing this as it is sitting in a bowl with a towel over it and we'll see if my enthusiasm is still existent AFTER the bread has been baked, cooled, and tasted!)

***after the baking is complete!

Here is the bread once everything was mixed together - RIGHT before I started kneeding it...

The bread in the bowl, waiting to rise (You can even see where I poked it TWICE just to make sure it was ready!)

This is the bread punched out and rolled up into two pans (one was a little time I'll fix that)   :)

Halfway through the rising process

Finished with rising

After spraying Butter-flavored Cooking Spray on the top so it browned nicely, here is the result! is me having a sandwich! YUM!

After my successful, first time, making bread...I decided that I would follow in the footsteps of my pastor's wife and try my hand at cinnamon rolls.  Now, I'm not a HUGE fan of cinnamon rolls, Hubby is, so I whipped up a batch.  When it was time to make the icing, I realized I did not have cream cheese, so I created a simple sugar/milk/vanilla mixture that had a similar consistency and sweetness (without the hint of tart with the cream cheese) and really feel like it couldn't have turned out any better as a pulled-together-last-minute-something-being-used-as-a-substitute kind of thing!

All in all, it was a VERY productive day on my part, and I have a blog to show for it as well!

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