Thursday, September 23


In life, much happens. You live, you learn, and then you die.
At birth, there is an automatic power on the infant, whenever you have need
someone comes.
Evolving into adolescence is difficult, not only because of the changes physiologically,
but there is so much ideologically that is thrust upon you.
Entering into adulthood, you embrace all of the ideologies.
And you choose a few thinking they are the most important.
Republican. Democrat.
Chocolate ice cream. Vanilla ice cream.
Religious. Non-religious.
Homo. Hetero.
Dogs. Cats.
Beef. Chicken.
The choices go on and on and on and on.
The problem with this thinking is that there is always one way of doing something.
Do you put the toilet paper on the roll to pull up or to pull down? These questions are trivial, sometimes, and life changing, other times. The problem is not in the answers, but the idea that there needs to be answers.
Why must you explain away an idea and in doing so, explain away someone else’s idea. The problem is in the questioning.
Is there anything to solve this problem?
Why must we decide?
Why must the terms “right” and wrong” be thrown away flippantly?
The solution is that the answers are everything.
No one is the same.
No one makes the same choices.
No one has the same background.
No one needs to the same things.
No one has the same opportunities.
No one...
...can tell me I am wrong in 
my ideas. Ideas are sacred.

When one looks at the world through a tainted lens, one cannot help to see exactly what one is supposed to see. When one walks around with a metaphorical blindness, and has to feel around in order to make sense of things without getting the full story, one gets a distorted picture of reality.
Reality is a relative thing, as it cannot be truly known by any one culture. We exist within a portion of reality, as the world knows it. Reality can be worked towards through the illumination of the mind and the senses in the cold cut reality that we exist with the “other.”
This existence is a marvelous thing should it be grasped towards....but people do not. People are much more comfortable reaching around in the darkness, making assumptions about things that they have not yet seen nor understood. These assumptions are the downfall of humanity.

Ignorance. Illumination.

The most important choice is a difficult one...

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