Wednesday, September 2

Dedicated to Food

For those of you who do not know, which is probably everyone, minus 2 or 3, I am involved in an on-campus organization called InterVarsity (IV).  These past few weeks, IV has been getting a lot of things ready and planned out for this semester.  One of those things, a very important part has been contacting students that filled out information cards at all of the various student involvement fairs that IV has been present.  We have roughly 200-250 students in the database that requested more information about various things from different bible studies happening, to just getting a facebook message when there is an IV event.

Well, one of the things that the ladies in this group wanted to do was to make cookies for the girls that filled out cards and take them to their dorm rooms.  So Saturday I got the text asking if I would be interested in baking some cookies to pass out Tuesday night.  "OF COURSE!"  My texted response was a little more subdued, but I love baking!  Especially when I don't have to keep it all at my house for ME to eat before they go bad!  (Me and Rich kept about half a dozen of these cookies - sans frosting)

My weekend was busy with work on Saturday and Church, Lunch with friends (which was awesome, btw), and a baby shower on Sunday (usually Sundays aren't so packed)...and then the IV Leadership meeting Sunday night.  Monday I went to class and then my Mom was also coming into town for my sister's birthday and wanted to take us out to dinner....obviously we did not turn this down!  Needless to say...I hadn't yet managed any time to bake these cookies, that by this time, were to be handed out in less than 24 hours.

AND...if you know anything about baking, I had already decided and bought missing ingredients to make roll-out sugar cookies, which require a lot of prep work, and aren't the fastest things to make - but delicious, none-the-less.  And I LOVE every minute of baking.  Anyway, I made the dough and frosting Monday afternoon, chilled it, and then baked the cookies Monday night after we got back from dinner.  They turned out wonderfully, and I am very pleased with them.  I made about 5 1/2's a picture!

and another...

They were SOOO good - we still have just a few left.
Now, today, this morning, I had the immense pleasure of joining Autumn and Miss Ava at the Farmer's Market.  It was a beautiful day, and we initially met at Starbucks, which was a welcome treat to my morning routine.  I was told by Autumn that there are usually more vendors, but there was so much produce, and it was all fresh!  I just love thinking about the possibility that the green beans I bought today could have been picked off of the green bean plant just's glorious!  I was able to find some nice and hot (they even smell hot) peppers and gorgeous red tomatoes that I'm going to use to make fresh salsa.  I found some banana peppers that will work just wonderfully on a BBQ Chicken Pizza (we always just have to use the jarred peppers, but not this time)!  I also purchased some plums (minus one that I ate on the way home), peaches and apple butter!  So many wonderful things!  Green beans, okra (which I'm trying to find a good gumbo recipe to use with these), and some really nice looking sweet potatoes for sweet potato fries possibly sometime this week with a GREAT turkey burger recipe that I have with feta cheese!  I want to cook it all right now...that, or just eat it all fresh!
Here's a picture of my "finds" from the farmer's market!
It was a wonderful way to start the morning, with new friends, and great food!
(Oh, and it was so precious....Ava was eating the yellow grape tomatoes like candy...Autumn had to buy a second basket of tomatoes just so they would last a little longer once they got was adorable!)

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